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Country Life Differences- ‘ The Kitchen’

person making brown bread

The next thing that is different in the country is the food we eat. We produce more than 1/2 of our own food rather than buy it from the store. We have livestock that provide our meat and gardens that produce vegetables. Fruit trees that provide fruit that we can and preserve for winter. We have honey bees that produce honey for our sweetener.

We do buy some ingredients we don’t produce for ourselves such as flour, yeast, oil, and spices. We avoid things that come in a box. We don’t buy frozen goods though once in a while we indulge in Haagen Das ice cream.

We make our own bread, our own butter. We make our cheese and sour creme though we do buy some when we run out of our own. We make cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. None of which has preservatives or toxic. When we need to shop at the grocery store we buy from the outside aisles with very few exceptions such as baking goods, and coffee and sometimes peanut butter!  

  The outside aisles  provides fresh vegetables, some pork that we don’t raise and milk when our cows are not producing milk. Our cows do dry up and stop producing milk at times. Also, we don’t milk them when they are close to their next calving. 

  Almost all our food is homemade. Fresh eggs from the chickens for breakfast. Chicken, steak or roasts for dinner. Fresh bread to go with it. Fresh churned butter to top the bread with. 


dirty dishes on the sink

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

when it comes to cleaning up after dinner. That is where another difference kicks in. We wash all our dishes by hand and dry them with a dish towel and put them away in the cupboards. We do not have a dishwasher other than us. We don’t miss it either. Another appliance we have learned we don’t really need or want. 

Our stove and refrigerator is probably the same as most everyone else except our stove is a propane stove much like a natural gas stove. Flame instead of coils. I find it much easier to cook on and keep the cheese and other things I make at the right temperature. 

 My kitchen lacks another appliance a lot of people feel they cannot live without. It lacks a microwave oven. We don’t like to nuke our food. Microwave ovens kill your food so it has little to no nutrition value left to it. Plus, they leak radiation. We are not in a hurry even though we both work. We take time to steam our vegetables and cook our food in the oven or on the stove top without destroying all value to it. .  The amount of time saved with a microwave isn’t worth the price paid for the damage they cause. Both the health and the environment. 

  My coffee maker is a French Press. Like the one below. It makes the best tasting coffee I have ever had. I got rid of my plug-in coffee maker that makes coffee taste like boiled dirty socks instead of fresh ground coffee beans.  Coffee makers leach plastic toxins into the coffee water. They leach bits of plastic that come off of them and into your cup of coffee.  I heat water with my tea-pot and pour it into the french press. Wait for the coffee to steep in the hot water before depressing the plunger. The carafe is glass so no plastic taste to the coffee. It is worth the wait. 

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, (8 Cup), Chrome

yes it takes time but no more time then a coffee maker takes and the taste is worth it. coffee makers taste terrible in comparison and they build up gunk in them that you just can’t clean out. That isn’t the case with a French Press. Best of all. No plug-in. 

We buy coffee beans and grind it at the store we buy it from. We also have a coffee grinder to grind beans ourselves when we can’t find the beans any other way. 

My can opener is a manual one. I had to buy it at an antique store. The one I had before got dull and could not be repaired so we had to dispose of it and find another one. No store we went to had one that looked like it would work. They have cheap junk made in china but that stuff breaks in a few days and most of the time doesn’t work. Or is frustrating to use so I went to an antique store and bought one. 

I also bought a hand crank ice cream maker at the same antique store.  I have not yet tried out but it is better built than any thing else I have seen in town. One day soon I will get the time to try it. I am sure it will work fine. 

For odd characters like us who avoid the newest gadgets and technological toys,  An antique store is the best place to go for hand-operated appliances. You can find old wash basins and old hand operated pencil sharpeners like the ones we had in school. Whenever I want to find something to buy for the home I stop there first and look.  I usually do find exactly what I want. Something simple. Something easy to use and well-built like things used to be. 

That is what we do different in the country days we enjoy for our kitchen and the things we have in it. 



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