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Osage Orange Tree Fruit hedge Apple For Inflammation

This Little known tree and its fruit actually has healing properties. It is called Osage Orange Or Maclura pomifera.

The wood itself was once used to make strong and beautiful bows by native Americans. It is a gorgeous wood and very strong. It is orange in color so that is where it got its name I am sure.

Some state conservation districts tell people it is a weed and not worth keeping…kill it…kill it…they say. Cut it down..Destroy it. That is about typical of all government agencies. Kill, crush and destroy. Loot it if you can. Kill it if you can’t.

I wonder if they recommend cutting it down  because it could be a cancer cure and anti-inflammation treatment. I can only relate my personal experience with it. That, at least for now, is still legal.

I am one that is really big on watching the animals. What they eat can be something we can eat too. It takes research, wisdom and slow experimentation to know for sure.

There are those who say animals don’t like the fruit from the osage orange tree and that it can kill cattle because it gets stuck in their throat. That being said. I watched my cattle and horses fight over the fruit when it is ripe and falls off the tree. They have never had it stuck in their throats. We do monitor them carefully all the time anyway so we would know. That being said.

They devour them! In a field full of knee-deep clover and good grass they will go out of their way to hunt down these grapefruit sized green balls and eat them. They bite them in half then in quarters just like they would a regular apple. The squirrels eat them down to little piles of fluff.  That is another interesting thing. The official paid liars at the ”conservation” district tell people that nothing eats it. It is a useless fruit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Deer eat it. Cows, horses, squirrels, turkeys and ground hogs. I have seen them all devouring them.

I wonder if it is because they don’t want people to know that it could be an excellent medicinal plant.

After watching how my animals enjoyed these. I started doing my own reading and research and discovered that it is indeed edible. The whole thing is edible. I took some of them after they fell off the tree and were ripe. They smell wonderful. The scent is like an orange. Citrus smell. They do leak a white sap like fluid so you don’t want to put one on your favorite candy dish or table top as you might not get the sap back off when it dries. That was my experience.

Next, I cut them up on a cutting board. They are messy. White sticky goo inside. I cut them up , put them in my blender and mashed them until they looked like a fruit roll up paste. After that I poured the mixture on parchment paper try from my dehydrator and dehydrated them for about 14 hours.  When it was dried it looks a lot like those fruit roll up. I peeled them off the paper and used my coffee grinder to powder them. I cut up and dried about 40 of these balls. I had a nice bag full of powder when I was finished.

I buy my own gel-caps from the health food store and used those to make my own dried Osage orange capsules. I consumed 1 a day for about 2 weeks. then 2 day. and now up to 4 a day. it does increase bowel movements but it also reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain. I gave some to my dog for his hip dysplasia and it does seem to help him. He is bouncy and playful again. I can tell the difference when I stop giving it to him. He gets 1 a day with his glucosamine and between the two he seems to have a lot less pain. I know I am with him in that. It helps my joints as well.

Here is a link to some interesting information on the Osage orange.



As with all things you have to make your own decisions. Research for yourself and become your own healer. Doctors won’t help you. They don’t cure anything. They simply mask the symptoms. They are always ”practicing” and we are their lab rats that the experiment on. If they can’t use  a drug or a scalpel they have no interest in it. Certainly they have no interest in ”curing” a person. They want illness ”managed” not cured. They ensure that their wealth and power go on indefinitely that way. I personally, have nothing but contempt for them. I have seen too many people harmed by them and died from their belief in doctors who did them serious harm.

There is no easy answer to illness, disease, or inflammation but I do believe the first place a person should turn to is their own back yard. Their own food and herbals. Their own spice rack has many potentials to supplement their diet which in turn improves health.  If we don’t take care of ourselves I guarantee no one else will!

There is only 1 person who can heal us…It is us! The body either heals or it doesn’t. There are things that will help healing and things that slow down that process until it no longer matters and the body dies.

So there is my opinion. I am a firm believer in natural medicines and also firm believer that modern medicine is a money-making scam. Either hand over your body and its healing to someone else or learn to heal yourself and believe in yourself. That right there is the biggest part of healing. Belief!

not my video but it shows almost exactly what I have done. i used a blender as well. i tried both chopped and blender mixed.  and i used a capsule maker the same way. I didn’t freeze my capsules though. i put the powder in the freezer. The stuff I have not yet used. I am going to try some in my next soap I am making.

Did I mention I make my own soap? That is a post for another day!


2 thoughts on “Osage Orange Tree Fruit hedge Apple For Inflammation”

  1. I could use this right now, hurt my shoulder and it’s really slowing me down. Thanks so much for this post, I had no idea and we have these trees around. I also thought they were inedible and possibly poisonous, though I did read about their good wood.

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    1. it makes a mess. the balls leak a white fluid but it isn’t poisonous. it is healing. i thought they were junk trees too. until i watched my animals and how much they enjoy them. then i starting doing my own research. quite the surprise. though truly. everything has a purpose. we don’t always know what that purpose is. i take capsules every day. I hurt my shoulder too. how odd! so many people with joint, muscle and shoulder and back pain. i tore a muscle in my shoulder it has been 2 months and this has helped me no end!

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