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EX DHS Employee Reveals 5G Effects

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There are thick fiber optic cables going in everywhere. Even the smallest town has them. They are thick black cables hanging under the power lines. These cables  run together then come together and race up the side of a Cell phone tower. The wifi boxes that will be put in front of almost every house that has massive radiation coming from them are wired into those fiber optic cables.  People are already getting sick from them. Birds dropping from the sky.

Is it worth the loss of health to be able to download games quicker? Though I am certain that isn’t what these cables and wifi boxes is for. no one knows for sure but it isn’t good I am sure. It isn’t an advancement in technology. A true advancement doesn’t kill every living thing on the planet. Advancement doesn’t require that kind of sacrifice.

It is being fast tracked and rammed down our throats. A person has to wonder why?

6 thoughts on “EX DHS Employee Reveals 5G Effects”

  1. There is so much about modern technology we don’t know about or even begin to understand. It’s a repeat of history. There was a time when people escaped from invader by abandoning their homes and rushing to the castle. Then came the cannons and that was the end of that bit of protection. Until people’s mindset changes about what is valuable, what is not, nothing else can change, certainly not for the better.

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    1. well said. I like to say that until the heart and mind change nothing else will. same thing as what you said. great minds think alike! the hearts and minds of most people are dark and empty. or so it seems.

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  2. Most people are in knee-jerk response to events in their perceived life. The current Earthian patriarchal civilization that has and is, causing so much harm to people and the planet has developed under a specific programming that has nothing to do with people, no matter who they are or how much power they think they have. We exist under a power system composed of three legs, like a three-legged stool, as ‘rawgod’ of WordPress calls it, God, Government and Gold, i.e., organized religion, government and money. We are all enslaved to one or all three of these powers and programmed to believe we could not exist without them holding sway over every aspect of our lives. The programming we live under is not original to this prison planet, it is universal. Only by destroying our own civilization and by deliberately cancelling our personal programming will be ever know what freedom is.

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      1. I don’t know about “brilliant” but I’ve spent decades working out “the problem of man” and man’s tenure on planet Earth. In my late years the “problem” is clarifying.

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