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Pine Pitch Salve

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I haven’t tried this salve yet but I have bought this kind of salve before and it works really well. I am going to try this as soon as i can gather enough sap. I have 20 acres of pine trees so I hope to find enough sap to harvest for it. If i do get it made I will post an update on how easy or difficult it was to make.

excerpts below. full article in the link above. 

At an artisan market in Santa Fe I met an herbalist from Taos. She showed me a salve she had made, an old remedy that the grandmothers of the Southwest passed down to their families, she told me. It was made from the sap of the piñon. When I got home I learned more; the sap of conifers (like pine, spruce, and fir) is well known in many traditional cultures to have astounding healing properties. The trees themselves use it to heal their own wounds. If a branch is broken or a piece of bark torn from the tree the pitch oozes liberally onto the wound providing a protective and healing bandage for the tree. Applying the raw pitch or a salve made from the pitch will have the same healing and protective properties on wounds to our human flesh. It stimulates rapid regrowth and activates an efficient immune response to whatever ails your skin, be it a burn, a splinter, a scratch or cut, or an infected area.


this is another article from a different writer.  on pine salve making.

I buy herbs from These people and found them to be clean and pure. What they say they sell is exactly that. They don’t sell garbage and claim it is pure. If they say it is pure. then it is. I buy Echinacea from them to make my own tinctures.  They are very reputable and helpful when questions arise.  They might have salve jars you can buy or even some of the pine resin if you can’t find any locally.

here is another source for pine resin that I buy from. I buy their Turpentine. They do have the resin available for sale. it is already cleaned and just need to be melted and mixed with olive oil and bees wax to make the salve in those articles.



2 thoughts on “Pine Pitch Salve”

    1. it is a drawing salve. I have used some before and liked how it worked. I just have never made it myself. I was delighted to find someone who has that I can learn from. on our little homestead we try and make almost everything ourselves. not always possible of course but we do try.

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