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Gum Turpentine Health Benefits

This is excellent information. The above picture is the turpentine I personally buy and use from a place called Diamond Forest Products. Link below


This lady below in the video knows her stuff!! She is a true healer rather then a doctor in my opinion. To me a doctor is a quack. A scientist who cares nothing for the people and animals they ”practice ” on.  People are a paycheck or worse a piece of meat.  nothing more to most ”doctors”. This lady is a healer! She finds cures for illness rather then treating symptoms. In the formerly free states of america this lady had her license taken and was driving out of the country for daring to provide a ”cure” to her patience. The united states is little more then a slave state . Sadly, the people in it don’t realize they are slaves.




if we don’t care of our own health and healing. no one else will.

my personal experience is that I have taken this turpentine. 1 teaspoon of turpentine with 1 tablespoon of white sugar. It does make me belch after taking it. It sometimes causes a stomach ache but a trip to the bathroom relieves that symptom pretty quickly. It does get things moving in the bowels.  It certainly does clean a person out.

That is my experience with it. I also put 4-5 drops of turpentine (pure gum spirits not the hardware store variety. ) in a tablespoon of Castor oil and rub it on my joints whenever i overwork myself. it does help! . It feels really GOOD!  or at least it helps me. I make no recommendations or health claims for anyone other then myself. I post this for information and discussion only.  Each person has to take responsibility for themselves.

No two people are alike so how it affects someone else? I could not say.

The only warning I have is if a person decides to try this and take responsibility for the affects themselves do NOT buy turpentine from the hardware store. That stuff is toxic and laced with other ingredients that burn, they even put gasoline in it sometimes so avoid it at all costs. look for pure gum spirits of turpentine. 100% accept nothing less.

The below link is another article that has lots more information on the benefits and uses for pure gum spirit turpentine.



As with all things. If you don’t change your diet and the things your doing to your body to cause harm then no herbs. no medicines will be of help. If you continue to eat garbage food such as fast food and boxed foods then anything you do to help yourself will be undone with the garbage foods.  You will continue to cause the same symptoms over and over because the biggest reason for illness is what you consume.

This a more detailed video from Jennifer Daniels. Well worth the extra time to watch. or as all things. research for yourself.




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