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Fire Water Recipe

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This is a recipe for a drink we call Fire Water.  It is the one thing I turn to when I have a cough or cold or flu it . It is very HOT!  It is easy to make at home and most likely your local store will have all the ingredients. It takes 30 days for it to leach out all the good properties from the roots. Age it in a cool dark place. We like to make up several jars spread out over time so we always have one ready to use when we are not feeling well.

This recipe is for a large batch. normally it will fill two 1/2 gallon jars. you can make a smaller batch for a quart jar or smaller if you like. you just need to use equal parts of the ingredients. 

1 pound of white onions .the hottest onions you can find

1 pound of horse-radish root

1 pound of Ginger Root

1 pound of Tumeric Root

1 pound of the hottest peppers you can find

1 pound of small garlic bulbs. They are stronger than the elephant garlic.

1 large jar of Apple Cider vinegar with the mother in it. You want enough to fill whichever size jars you intend to use. For this batch we used a gallon of Bragg Apple cider vinegar but you can use whatever kind you like. You just need to make sure it has the mother bits in the bottom of it. 

Chop all ingredients into small pieces. a food processor does not do roots very well. it leaves them stringy so chop them by hand. a processor might work on the onion, garlic and peppers so if you have one you can do that. just make sure they are small bits.

once chopped. mix together as best as possible and spoon into a glass jar. we never use plastic as it leaches harmful ingredients into the firewater. This mix can corrode plastic. you don’t want that in your firewater.

once the jars are filled pour the apple cider vinegar over it until it reaches the top of the jar. seal the jar with the lid and ring and put in a cool dark place to ”age” for 1 month.

after the month is up. drain vinegar and dry the root pulp in the oven at 200 degrees  DO NOT USE A COOKIE SHEET WITH A TEFLON COATING ON IT. The black coating on the cookie sheet will peel off!  The vinegar in this eats the Teflon  OFF THE COOKIE SHEET!

you can also  use a dehydrator lined with parchment paper until the pulp is dried and no longer moist to the touch.

Grind the dried pulp in a coffee grinder and capsule in gel caps if you have them. or you can grind the dried pulp with a mortar and pestle and consume it by the spoonful. 1/4 to 1/2 spoonful. I like the capsules as me and hot foods don’t get along very well. 

we save the liquid and put it back into the jar. we will reuse it for our next batch. or if your very brave, like my husband. He takes a teaspoon of the liquid and drinks it!! It would set my mouth on fire if i did that. If it is reused we only do that once as it starts to weaken so a new batch has to be used every other time it is made.

for our part. This has been the best food supplement we can take for colds and flu. It beats anything we have ever had over the counter.  If i have a persistent cough I take 4 gel capsules of the powdered pulp — we have them always made up and ready– and my cough will disappear almost immediately. 

It will kick any cold or flu I might catch within a few days. or less. It helps build my immunity as well so I rarely ever catch it again.  That is my experience with it.  I hope you like our recipe. There are lots of varieties of this drink mix on youtube.com This is just our version of it. 




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