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Home Made Vitamin C Easy to make

sliced of citrus lemons

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Home made Vitamin C is easy to make and it is cleaner then most vitamin C you can buy. It lacks fillers and preservatives and other toxins that might be added to the mass produced stuff from the store. 

After you peel and eat your next orange save the orange peelings. That is where most of your vitamins come from. Clean the orange well before eating so the peel will be ready to use.

Cut the peels into small pieces and place in a window sill to dry. This is the air dry method. (This is what I do. I prefer the air dry as it doesn’t destroy the nutrients in the peel. Oven dehydrating works but it does lesson the strength of the vitamin c.

You can also put them on a cookie sheet without the teflon coating on it or a glass dish. place in the oven at the lowest settings and dry in the oven for 4-6 hours. 

If you have a dehydrator you can dry them in that at 100 degrees until they are crispy. 


I have used dry lemon peels after making lemonaide with them of course. I use the lemon for whatever purpose I have and then save the peels. Dry them the same way.

Next, Grind them in a coffee grinder until powdered. I have also used a meat hammer and a plastic bag to grind them to powder but it is a lot messier. A mortar and pestle might work as well if they are dry enough. I use a coffee grinder.

100 grams of orange peel provide about 136 mg of Vitamin C, while the fruit provides about 71 mg (in 100 grams of fruit). That’s almost double!

Once the peels are powdered you can place in a jar for storage. It lasts about 3 months. Sometimes more depending on environment. I  use a rounded teaspoon of this in my smoothie drinks or on cereal or just taken by the spoonful. Sometimes I even take 2 teaspoons when I feel I need more.

The powder can also be encapsulate. A teaspoon full is considered the daily dose of vitamin c. so I can measure out and see how many capsules it takes for 1 teaspoon and it gives me an idea of how many to take. 

This is an easy method to get  vitamin c without all the added garbage that they put into pills these day.  

for my own part. i have found that vitamin c works on my headaches better then anything else. Aspirin and all the other pain relievers don’t work on me like vitamin c does. I take a couple of capsules ( we capsulate it) and my headache disappears almost immediately. not sure why that is but it seems to work. Everyone is different of course so it may not work for someone else. Also, some people are allergic to oranges so that wouldn’t work at all for them. For just us though it does the best job of anything I have tried. 



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