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A Simple Guide To Herbal Remedies And Dosages

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Natural herbal remedies that are taken internally include the following:


While we might not think of food as an herbal remedy, I’m including things like fruit juice and shiitake mushrooms which contain compounds good for the body and need to be ingested.

Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”


This means natural herbal remedies extracted into glycerin.

The standard dose is 1/4 teaspoon or half dropperful. Should be diluted with water, tea or juice to prevent mouth irritation.


Powdered natural herbal remedies that are enclosed in gelatin or vegetable-based capsules or are pressed into tablets using sticky binders.

Standard capsule is “00” size or equal to half a cup of tea or 1/6 ounce of herb. Read the package for dosage.


Natural herbal remedies that are sweetened and thickened tea, tincture or glycerin. The usual dose is 1 tablespoon.


Natural herbal remedies that are extracted into water usually in tea bags or chopped in bulk.

Dose is 1 teaspoon herb for every cup of water. One cup is drunk three or four times a day.


rest of the article is in the link above and below. worth a quick view.  They do have advertising and books but also really good information. not very complicated.



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