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The Empire Of The Dead

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In some cities of the United States there has not been a new grave yard for 50 years. Yet people have been born and died and yet the cemetery’s are not filling? why is that do you suppose? Why are there so few Cemeteries in comparison to the population?.

Where are the bodies going today?  The population is much greater today yet you don’t see graveyards over filling and bodies being moved to catacombs under cities like they have in Paris France. So what happened between 1810 and today that made it so there are no more overpopulated grave yards in Paris France and all the around the world for that matter. Granted some places claim to be overcrowded and are reusing old graves. They don’t say what they do with the original occupant though.

Are people living longer and no one dying? That can’t be true based on statistics. Look at the local papers. I see 10 or 12 people who die every day and yet the Cemetery’s  still seem to have lots of room. Lots of open space and no need for new places to bury the dead.  They don’t seem to have a problem with overcrowding and bodies spilling out like they once did. What happened then to the bodies?

Where are the bodies going?

Funeral homes and crematorium are being found to have sold the bodies of people they are entrusted to bury. No one would want to believe that is possible and yet they are doing that still today I am sure.  How many are still being body brokers for our dearly departed family members that we don’t know about?  We only know about the handful that got caught.  For every 1 caught I would bet there are 10 more just like them in the shadows continuing on business as usual.


I wonder though. Since the black market on tissues, organs, skin and other parts is such a big business with billions of dollars changing hands can we really trust that the body of our loved ones is remaining whole before burial? Are the graves empty except for the headstones? who would know?  no one investigates something so macabre.

Would we know if the grave we visit that we think holds our loved ones is empty except for being back filled with dirt? no. we would not know. could a funeral home do a switch and let you see an empty coffin placed over a hole on a frame and once the people leave, so does the coffin. It is taken to where ever they take them. The body disposed of. The grave hole filled back in. They might actually place a monument stone on it after filling it back in. After so many years. They can remove the stone and reuse the grave site.  No one the wiser.  The relatives of the dearly departed ones would either be dead and gone themselves or no one visits anymore. no new flowers placed on the grave site. They could remove the stone. Dispose of it and open up the area for a new stone with no bodies under the ground. That could be one explanation, however grotesque, for why the cemeteries are not filling.

There was a Crematorium in 2003 that sold 133 bodies. The people who paid to have their loved ones cremated got a box of wood ash for the money they paid. Once the people running it finally got caught. They apologized to the family saying greed took hold of them. What an empty excuse for evil.(how long did it take to catch them? how many years went by? )

Some people were asked to identify their loved ones parts that were left behind. Mostly the head. The rest of the body had been cut up by body brokers and sold off. The man who owned the Crematorium apologized and said the money was too big a temptation to resist. He felt bad he said. Right! Not nearly as bad as those whose loved one died and had to be buried in a shoe box because that was all that was left.

Where money is concerned. Ethics, morals, integrity are tossed aside. The almighty dollar is all that matters. Anything is up for sale. Even the dead! Money is the root of all evil right? or is it? Money doesn’t do evil. people do evil and then get paid handsomely for it. It is a symptom of a disease inside the minds and hearts of people that they could even think of doing things like this with no conscience, no sense of right and wrong. Greed only. a lust for money. It comes from the people not the thing. the money isn’t the evil. It is what people will do to obtain it that is evil. At least in my mind.

Below are some video compilations I found on what happens to some bones of the dead long after their loved ones who buried them are dead as well. It is what happens when no one is there to say NO!

They are cleaned and placed in artistic and ritualistic displays. I have to wonder where the respect for the dead went? What right did they have to claim ownership over those bones? Where did the respect for life go for that matter. Look at these if you can stomach it.

Are these the result of necromancers? Luciferians? possibility but also from  Priests who should know better than to desecrate graves.  Perhaps it is cemetery care takers or other people like in the case of the Paris. The bones were dug up and moved underground. So how many more of these crypts with bones made into sigils are there?. Are they there for some dark magic?

Is this where the bones and bodies are going that should be buried in the cemeteries?. Is this why they are not filling up. Is this why there is no need for new graveyards to be built. When the population is so high there should be graveyards all over the place.

Take a look at what they do to the bones.  Bones do still hold life. They hold dna. They hold spirit. a small spark of spirit of the original inhabitant can remain with them. To be used by necromancers? Just a thought. There is something very dark about these bone church displays.

How about this one in poland. 1776-1804 were gathered from shallow graves. cleaned and arranged in a display. Ritualistic perhaps ?

A church decorated in human bones. Some of these video’s may well be of the same church.  A church displaying bones like this shows no respect at all for the dead and little for the life.

Necromancers use bones in their rituals to call up the spirit what once had that body. They can bind them to the bones. They can use them to call the spirit back and use it for their own purpose.  Is this what all this is? Some sort of dark magic gathering energy and power from them.  This just seems luciferian to me.


catacombs in Paris.  supposedly they ran out of room in the 1800’s and moved the bodies from the cemetery and placed them in artistic , perhaps ritualistic form under the city of Paris.  So. Where the bodies going AFTER 1810.?  With the population so much higher today, how is it they are not running out of room anymore? there are approximately 8 million bones placed in carefully arrange rows. I have to wonder who cleaned them and who placed them so perfectly? Why? Is this really what the people who originally buried these people wanted to have happen to their body? Granted the families are all dead too but really? Is this what they thought when they buried their loved ones?


Paris has a tour. For certain dollars a person can go and visit the place. No thanks. I don’t have that strong of stomach. I think it would make me ill. making money off the bodies of people’s relatives and loved ones. pretty sick I think.


Catholic Bone Church


why does a church have a stack of bones and skulls. A collection for display like an art display?


Here is one in Rome, Italy.


I wonder what could be found under the major cities of the world?. is this what they are doing with the dead today? or worse? The one below is lima, peru. Funny how this is a world-wide thing. From england, paris, rome, peru, and the czech republic. They all got the idea to rob graves and create designs in a catacomb with the bones? odd.  I just wonder who could do that. Who would think to gather up bones and make displays out of them. Who digs up graves and cleans the bones, polishes them and puts them on a string. or hangs them on a wall like a piece of art work.

Bohemia’s most notorious church.



It isn’t too far of a stretch to say people will sell the living for the same purpose. Organ harvesting. Trafficking in body parts taken from living humans.  Body parts from fetuses sewn into mice and other horrors. Yes, people are willing to do anything for a dollar. Even to killing infants and cutting them up. selling them off in pieces.

The human heart has no compassion for the living so I guess I don’t need to be shocked and surprised at what they do to the dead as well. Cutting them up and selling them off for a billion dollar industry. Body brokers, what a clean term for ghouls!  Hospitals have killed people just to harvest their organs. They have ensured that they don’t survive an ambulance ride because they need the organs to be taken and put into someone else. So where does that end? Is there a limit to what people will do for greed and a lust for wealth and power? So far. It seems there is no limit



4 thoughts on “The Empire Of The Dead”

  1. Quote: ” Is there a limit to what people will do for greed and a lust for wealth and power? So far. It seems there is no limit” That’s right: there is no limit. Moral corruption among Earthians is bottomless. What else is there to say?

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      1. I just say thank you for taking the time to comment. adding your opinion. comments are open to all except spam! i get a lot of that. i delete those right away. feel free to comment all you like. i may agree. i may disagree. it doesn’t matter. but being open for dialog is what free speech is supposed to be about.

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