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They Actually ADMITTED There’s No Money in Curing People- Truth Stream Media

This is very true! From what I have learned nothing has been cured for over 40 years. There is no money in cures. only in treatments. Always ”practicing” never healing. They sell treatments to symptoms. They sell tests. Tens of millions of dollars is made on just those two. Add in all the pills and vaccines where the doctor gets kick backs for every child they fill with mercury and toxins.

Drug companies paying doctors to give experimental drugs to their patients. Using their patients as lab rats. They care as little for their patients as they do of the animals in cages. Just meat to be experimented on. Not a life that is valuable.


or how about the kick backs doctors receive to force vaccines on children. Does anyone really believe doctors would be so interested in vaccines if they were NOT PAID for each vial of poison they pump into the veins of children. No conflict of interest here is there?

It amounts to millions. Again. Greed is the creed. Take the kick backs and tens of millions of dollars out of it and I guarantee Doctors would not be so intent on pushing these chemicals and pedaling the garbage inside these vials and the harm they do.  Money is more important to them then the health of their patients.


How deep does the rabbit hole go?

2 thoughts on “They Actually ADMITTED There’s No Money in Curing People- Truth Stream Media”

  1. You’d have to be incredibly naive, brainwashed or both to still believe there is any cure to anything within the medical/pharmaceutical INDUSTRY. The entire point is to maintain diseases and with vaccines and the help of psychiatrists, to create new ones on a daily basis.

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