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China’s Social Credit System Barred Millions from Traveling in 2018


Your bags are packed, your rooms are booked, you’re all set for your vacation; there’s just one problem, the government has canceled your tickets.

As early as 2014, China began conceptualizing a Social Credit System (SCS), sort of like a credit score for citizen behavior where behaviors deemed good for society are rewarded with privileges and bad behaviors result in a poor score and loss of privileges. China has since been working to test its new method of population control and has been slowly conscripting citizens into the system. Now, a new report acquired by the Associated Press, suggests millions of would-be travelers had their plans canceled as a result of the SCS in 2018.


According to the report obtained by the Associated Press, as many as 17.5 million ticket purchases were blocked last year for “social credit offenses” such as unpaid taxes or fines. Other would-be travelers were barred from purchasing train tickets as many as 5.5 million times and according to an annual report from the National Public Credit Information Center, as many as 138 people were stopped from leaving the country.

The ruling party hopes to fully establish the system within the nation by 2020. Although it isn’t completely clear yet how the system will be maintained, what the SCS will penalize, and what penalties there may be for having “poor social credit”, offenses penalized last year included everything from false advertising to drug charges. In addition to travel restrictions, companies ousted from the nation’s good graces can lose out on government contracts, bank loans, and be restricted from importing goods. Employees can be prevented from representing companies or taking senior management roles, a penalty which was applied 290,000 times last year.

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I have no doubt that the us government will be drooling to create the same system here. TSA is already in place to make it happen. If being molested and outright raped isn’t enough of a price to pay for wishing to travel by airline next up will be a system like this if not worse.  The American Government embraces communism as much as their brothers in china do.

2 thoughts on “China’s Social Credit System Barred Millions from Traveling in 2018”

  1. Just a different way for Big Brother to remind the peons who owns them. Not having money to do those things comes out the same. Losing your home due to unpayable mortgage is another form of “social credit system” or should I say social debit. Every nation has its own form of absolutist control over the masses. China’s seems a bit extreme, of course, because it’s convenient to demonize that country. Speaking of “social credit score” what can you say of a nation that has by far the highest number of people in jail, incarcerated waiting for trial? No, not China… guess again.

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