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Science Is Starting To Catch Up To The Sci-Fi Film Truthstream Media


Synchronicity! Here it is again….The ultimate goal is total control! not freedom of choice. Not enhanced abilities to make life better. NO! That isn’t for the poor people. It isn’t for the middle class. It is for those who have the control of the all the minds that are newly ”enhanced”. It is ultimate power and control for those who rule.  Aldrous Huxley said it would happen and here it is. They will create people who collect trash and those who are the beautiful people. The controllers. The breeders or incubators who will direct the hive which man will become once he allows a machine chip to be installed in the brain!

People will learn to love their servitude. The human race will be raised in hatcheries. I can see it happening. Easily done. People will line up for it! The moment they do. They cease to be human. They will be cyborg. man/machine hybrids. It isn’t science fiction anymore. It is predictive programming.

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  1. Well, Country Days, how are you? I watched the video – these topics always interest me – and everything it says I’ve known for decades and much of what man’s science is now doing has happened here thousands of years ago. Science Fiction does indeed emulate reality, not the other way around. To quote the Teacher YLea: Anything you can imagine, visualize, think about, write about, draw and finally create of necessity already exists. You are not “creating” anything new, you are simply translating or reformulating. Inspiration isn’t imagination and even imagination is not pulling something non-existent out of thin air – it’s not how it works. People will not BECOME cyborgs, they have always been cyborgs, as clearly demonstrated by their totally artificial lifestyles. When we speak of living naturally, or being “natural” we should begin by defining exactly what we mean by “NATURAL.” How much of the lifestyle of a city-living person is natural? Precious little. Ordering a Greek salad in your favourite Greek restaurant isn’t being a natural person. With even a modicum of honesty, if we were to declare anyone a naturally living being, that person would be living naked in the wilds. As soon as you tack on any “extra” such as husbandry, clothing, man-made shelter, man-made conveyances you are no longer a naturally living being but irreversibly on the path towards the artificial life. All science is doing in this film is tightening an already existing situation. The rich already have everything, the poor less and less of everything. Arbitrary deaths are on the increase through endless wars and diseases caused by chemicals and so on. There is nothing new under the sun. I’ll add this: because modern research is driven by elitist thinking, it is self-defeating. Whatever it tries to achieve will turn upon it and destroy it as it did before.

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