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Country Days limited postings

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I had intended to close down my blog but I had a very dear friend talk me out of it.  I will probably be sporadic on postings. Some weeks will be one or not at all. Surprisingly a few of my friends don’t mind a bit and are glad to have me about anyway! For that I am very grateful. I am very humbled by their support. One is a brilliant author from Canada and the other is a fellow homesteader. Never thought I would make such interesting acquaintances but i am very glad I did.

That being said. I ain’t dead yet! lol….I will probably only post once or twice a week but I am not going to close my blog for the summer as I planned to. I will keep going if only limited.

Thank you for your kind words and support. The country days blog will march on !


5 thoughts on “Country Days limited postings”

  1. I disagree and protest! Please don’t go! Homesteading is a lifestyle gaining in popularity for all the reasons you state here, many folks feel as you do, and that you ‘went for it’ and live it everyday and even write about it inspires others and shows other misfits like us there is another way. Go if you must, but you will be missed! For us in the U.S it’s tough to escape the noise and the ‘progress’ of modernity—but there are more successful ‘bitter clingers’ all around the world who are salvaging and/or hanging tightly onto the traditions, lifestyle and skill sets of their ancestors, taking what they need from the tech and leaving the rest. We need such pockets of resistance in this country more than ever. Here’s an inspiring one I think you’ll like:

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    1. thank you….your one of my inspirations! i might be back in the fall. just lost our hoop house to wind….man made weather that destroys…picked it up like a leaf on the wind…ripped it out of the ground and smashed it to the ground on top of our fence around our fruit tree orchard. crumpled heap of debris…..when it rains it pours!


  2. Novas, Super Novas, and Quasars don’t “just fade away”; they simply shine.., much, much brighter than they ever have, in some other, further ‘up’, higher part of The Creator’s omniverse. Thanks for shining your wisdom and warmth on me, too, although I’m a late-bloomer to your blog. I’m glad you might reconsider, come Fall; we need all the help we can get!

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    1. Thank you Rick. Delighted to have you! A friend of mine talked me into posting once or twice a week if that is all i have time for. i plan to do that. Delighted you came by! Thank you.


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