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Weather Engineering


blatant weather manipulation. chemical bombs used to create scripted weather events. funny how people react like a herd of cattle in stampede. The stores emptied as if they will never have another loaf of bread in them. that alone shows how easy it is to steer people as well as steer the environment. laughing all the way to the bank.  carefully scripted to panic the human herd. Trauma based programming hard at work. people are easy to control. easy to panic.

3 thoughts on “Weather Engineering”

  1. That’s why overtly false, misleading and lying advertising works. The sheeple are mindless drones always in desperate need to believe in something and to be lead. Drugs, GMO’s, wars, weather engineering, political propaganda, massive national debts, whatever it is, the sheeple will absorb it and accept it as necessary as long as it comes from what they are told is a reliable source. They never see the trap, just the bait. That is the nature of the creature and until that nature is changed or destroyed completely without any chance of resurgence, nothing can ever change here. It can only get worse with rising numbers. I’m lousy at math but I can figure that out.

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  2. The weather is so ridiculous it’s astonishing the vast majority think this is ‘mother nature’! Here in East Texas when the north was getting pummeled with snow/rain we had a ‘storm’ that was completely manipulated, shot temps up to about 80 degrees in the middle of the night and back down to 50s a couple hours later. We had artificial ‘lightening’ that looked like strobe lights at a discotech, and ‘thunder’ that sounded like from a movie studio, right over our heads for about 3 hours, with only about 5 minutes of hard rain. Where’s the heat coming from in the middle of the night, hmmm?! Don’t expect anyone to be able to answer that question unless they know about geoengineering and weather manipulation projects. It’s not ‘climate change’ and it’s not ‘grand solar minimum’ it’s MANUFACTURED WEATHER!

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    1. i noticed that one kensho. it gets warmer at night. yep. genetically modified weather! we have had that thunder…it rolls and rolls and rolls right overhead as if there were a speaker that just wouldn’t quit.


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