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Children Not Allowed In Public Without Vaccines–Cabin Talk

This lady is outraged and with good reason. There should be more people outraged. 

Force Vaccinating children. Deliberate death sentence for the young. These vaccines can kill the body as well as the mind. They impair your immune system. Yet they are forced into their young bodies so they never fully develop their mind or immune system?

What rights does one person have to force another to accept a medical procedure with no right to say NO? That is slave mentality. One person claiming ownership over another. 

This is insane that people accept this garbage.  Adults are next. Make no mistake. They seek to force vaccines on adults.

These are life threatening toxins being forced into the body. Doctors and nurses forcing foreign substances into a persons body is a death threat. Period. They have zero responsibility and they are immune from being sued. Anyone who comes at you with a needle is threatening your life and the lives of your family.  You have a 50/50 chance of permanent damage being done to your body at the point of a gun. That is the true crime and true criminals. 


2nd half of video below

nice to hear someone so passionate about this topic.


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