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Sage of Quay™ Radio – Sofia Smallstorm – Polio, Viruses and Patents (Jan 2019)

excellent video recommended by a friend of mine! worth the hours time. education is the key to understanding. I don’t ever reach a point where I feel I no longer need to learn. I glean all sorts of information and store it in my mind for future use. This is another tidbit!

This video is fantastic. Explains more about where the term ‘virus’ came from. How our bodies fight off illness and how those in the medical field do everything they can to stop us from healing ourselves. What they do interrupts the healing process and causes even more sickness. Deliberately. It should be really called pre-meditated murder in my opinion because they actually do kill people. Destroy the bodies ability to heal and the body dies.

They took cancer cells from a woman in the 50’s and injected them into everyone with the polio vaccine. They mutated her cells and again. experimented on and injected into these cells into every single one of us…! Engineering cancer and viruses with them to cause sickness.

Patent is given for those viruses and illnesses. They are turned into weapons. The cells your doctor takes from you are used by him. If you leave them behind they belong to the doctor and his experiments. No wonder they want to force vaccinate and forcefully take a persons DNA. They want more material to experiment on. Cells they patent and sell. while you make not a dime on what they stole from you…

This is about the most important video i have seen in a long time! this needs to be known!

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