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misc 9-29-18 418 reduced.JPGThe above is a picture of our hoop house. It is where we grow a lot of our vegetables. Our tomatoes, our strawberries, our blueberry bushes, kiwi fruit and where i grow my baby trees that i start from seed. It is about 55 foot long, 7 foot tall and 15 feet wide. It has really helped my delicate herbs and vegetables to flourish. 

A week ago we got hit with a massive wind storm. No rain. Just wind. 55 mph plus is what the ”official” weather makers said it was. I believe it. It uprooted trees…not ours thankfully but many all over the place. It destroyed our lovely little hoop house! 

misc pics 3-19-19 019 reduced.JPG

The wind picked it up and throw it down into a pile! What a mess! pieces everywhere. What was very lucky for us is it didn’t land on top of one of our animals. It didn’t do much other than take down a piece of fence and tore the cover to pieces. It could have been much worse.  After we took it apart and removed our grow boxes and things we had stored in it we discovered that only a few holes were torn in the cover and they can be patched. The lumber is intact and so are the metal hoops. The clips that tie down the cover were all there. only two were broken.

What looked like a total wreck turned out not to be so bad after all. We took down the fence section it landed on and moved the fence back so we now have room for 2 hoop houses! We moved this one further back from our apple tree and pear tree. All in all it turned out to be a blessing. The wind helped us move it a few feet to the east of where it started. 

The wider area is all fenced now and the next step will be to build the new house! 

misc pics 2-26-19 547 resized.JPG

my two horses investigating the last of a round bale the cows have already picked over. They get a different hay then the cows and as you can see they are quite round. My white horse is a muddy mess. She loves to roll in the mud. She is a little bit like Pig Pen from the Charlie brown comic strip!  They supervised the fence moving and tearing down the hoop house. 

I don’t get as much time to ride as I would like. The White horse is named ‘Sheba’ and the bay is named ‘Sassafras’.  I only ride Sass. Sheba is a companion horse. she is almost 20 years old. My last horse was 31 when we had to put to her sleep. 

misc pics 2-26-19 565 resized.JPG

The above is a picture of our herd sire. The one on the left! He is a Hereford/ Red polled cross bull. He throws some really strong and healthy calves. He is teaching this years calf how to play head butt! it is a little like thumb wrestling only they do it with their heads! Push each other around to see who can gain grown! Father and son! What a picture.

The bull’s name is ‘Red Rob The Heart Throb’…They are getting frisky and eager for that spring grass. They have been playing games together. Running bucking kicking and having a grand ole good time.  Rob’s son on the right is a steer now. His name is Spigot. 

misc log splitter and stuff 10-28 122 hawk resized.JPG

This beautiful bird came by for a visit last month. We have a good-sized population of Red-tailed Hawks. They are magnificent birds! I always feel blessed when one comes by for a visit. Despite the fact my chickens free range I have never had a hawk or an eagle try to take one. We have both species in our area. 

MISC PICS 5-24 rainbow moon 129 resized peacock.JPG


The above is our resident guardian of the farm. Big Blue peacock in full color. He too is ready for spring. He has grown out a glorious tail for the occasion in the hopes of attracting a mate. He is our oldest peacock. We have a younger male in the background who follows him around trying to learn from his friend how to be a magnificent bird of many colors. 

fish tank pics 1-29-19 003 reduced in size.JPG

We finished our aquaponics tank and have fish in it! Our grow bed is completed as well and just waiting for the nutrients to be delivered to it. 

Our first cover(the black liner)  in the picture above turned out to be a disaster. It leaked in 4 or 5 places. We had to order a new one and replace it. The new one so far is holding water just fine and the fish are back in it and growing every day. 

That is the update for the Country Days on the old homestead. 

This little song reminds me of the beauty found on our little homestead. it just seems to fit !! I hope you enjoy it! It could be considered a type of theme song for what we do here. Or perhaps it is just a song we love and link to our little place. i always wonder what this song would sound like ringing out across the mountain side behind us.




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