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The great big Autism obfuscation — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

by Jon Rappoport March 28, 2019 “How is a self-contained world built? Well, you can take a major situation which has an obvious cause, and then relabel the situation with a new name and say the cause is unknown. Then you can claim you’re looking for the cause, and you can keep looking and stalling […]

via The great big Autism obfuscation — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

1 thought on “The great big Autism obfuscation — Jon Rappoport’s Blog”

  1. Greg Carlwood, host of The Higher Side Chats, interviews Del Bigtree on the 31st of March, 2019. https://www.thehighersidechats.com
    Their discussion revolves around medicine, politics, law, ethics, and the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
    What is once again demonstrated, is that real science, built on the principles of the well known scientific method, CAN be brought to bear to remedy and prevent disease. If and WHEN real science is the basis of doctor/patient action.
    THE BIG THING, underlying that understanding, is, where will the modern policies being practiced – mandatory vaccines, etc – naturally, and inevitably lead? We’ve gotten ‘used’ to so-called ‘recommended childhood schedule protocols’, but haven’t yet been turned on to the CDC’s adult vaccination schedules, that are ‘on the books’.
    In a perhaps very short time, EVERYONE from infants to grade-school through adult-hood and including elderly people, will have a ‘technocracy’ decide and insist what ‘medicines’ will be forced on the entire population. Whether they consent, or don’t.
    What could go wrong, when people are managed as property of their state?
    Talk about ‘herd immunity’! To Liberty, personal Freedom, and those pesky, rogue Individualists.

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