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Mass Animal Deaths April 2019

person holding black and green bird
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com



just the top 10 listed below with links. this is just a small piece of the mass die offs. Insects are not included though there is a link on that site for honey bees. The geoengineering is the single biggest factor for this. The factories and governments and their military also are the biggest destroyers of the environment. The individual I believe is the absolute least of those! The individual does not pump fracking chemicals into the aquifers. The individual does not pump toxic waste into the rivers like the factories and the electric power plants do. The governments , their corporate partners and their military pollute without any checks at all on what they do to the oceans and air and land masses. No consequences for them at all and they are the greatest destroyers of life on the planet.

MASS ANIMAL DEATH LIST                                  140 Known MASS Death Events in 43 Countries (or Territory)

NOTE: Due to time constraints, we no longer report every event, so the numbers are lower than they should be.

2nd April 2019 – 200+ migratory birds found dead in a lake in Maharashtra, IndiaLink

2nd April 2019 – Hundreds of dead starfish found on a beach on Isle of Sheppey, EnglandLink

2nd April 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Manitoba, CanadaLink

2nd April 2019 – 24,500 birds killed due to avain flu in Liaoning province, ChinaLink

2nd April 2019 – Tens of thousands of fish die in a river in Pathum Thani Province, ThailandLink

2nd April 2019 – Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Songkhla Province, ThailandLink

2nd April 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Iowa, AmericaLink

1st April 2019 – 600+ ducks killed due to avian flu in Cuttack, IndiaLink

1st April 2019 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Lao Cai Province, VietnamLink

31st March 2019 – Thousands of cattle dead after storm in Pilbara, AustraliaLink

the rest are in the link below and above


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