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Mandatory Vaccines Are Here as NYC Mayor Issues Emergency Orders For Brooklyn Residence

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Alex PietrowskiStaff Writer
Waking Times

“Today we are declaring a public health emergency, effective immediately. This will mandate vaccines for people living in the affected area. Department of Health will issue violations and fines to people who remain unvaccinated.” ~NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

In an emergency press conference today, New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio announced that the city’s health department will be mandating measles vaccines for residents in an area of Brooklyn, amidst a recent spike in cases of measles, with over 300 people affected in this area, 21 of which have resulted in hospitalization. There are no reports of any deaths from measles in this outbreak.

Refusal will result in the issuance of violations and fines of $1000. The mayor did not state what the penalty is for not paying the fine, or whether or not you can refuse the vaccine if you do pay the fine.

This follows on the heels of a similar order last week by New York’s Rockland County, outlawing children who have not had the measles vaccine from being in public spaces. The order was quickly, albeit temporarily, overturned by a New York State Judge. Now NYC is making a similarly bold move which will certainly be challenged in court.

“Just days after a judge threw out Rockland County’s emergency order to ban unvaccinated kids from all public places, NYC’s Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Herminia Palacio has, with the mayor’s approval, declared a state of emergency as the number of measles cases since the fall nears 300, with 21 cases resulting in hospitalizations, and nearly 250 in children.” [Source]

Following today’s orders, NYC health officials will now begin reviewing medical records of people in zip codes ZIP Codes 11205, 11206, 11211 and 11249,  (this amounts to 212,160 people to be forced due to the illness of 300 ). the statistics is 0.00141 ill. so few to be unremarkable so what is the real reason for this forced medical treatment? 99.99859 people are perfectly healthy though they won’t be after their forced ”treatment”. That somehow justifies putting these people at risk of death and maiming.

The government goons are going to be looking for unvaccinated children as well as adults, then tracking them down. The aim is to directly target the city’s anti-vaccination groups, blaming them for ‘misinforming’ the public.

Public health officials said they were taking the unusual step in response to an antivaccination campaign that has included measles parties, phone calls and voice mails targeting the community with “intentional efforts to give misinformation,” said Herminia Palacio, New York City’s deputy mayor for Health and Human Services.

this is the first time that New York City has ever issued mandatory vaccine requirements for its residents, even though the city has had similar outbreaks in the past. And while it is saddening that people can die from a disease, the numbers of measles deaths each year due to measles, even during a major outbreak, is minuscule compared to many other public hazards today. Take for example the opioid crisis, which has created tens of thousands of addicts in New York City and in 2017, killed 1,437 New Yorkers.

Measles was declared to be eliminated in the United States in the year 2000, but in recent years the virus has begun making a comeback. Today, in 2019, there is what many are calling a national outbreak of the disease. From January 1st to April 4th of this year, the CDC noted 465 cases nationwide. But the government’s own research offer ample evidence that measles is being transmitted by the vaccinated, a fact which has gone entirely unaddressed by mainstream media and public officials.



Forcing a medical treatment on the population is a group of people claiming ownership over the people in a geographical area. The elimination of all freedom. If they can pump an unknown liquid into your vein that will most likely be more deadly then the so called ”disease”. They can do ANYTHING to you! 

No one has died from the measles. Thousands die or are permanently brain damaged from vaccines yet the bottom line profits are more important then your life and your body.  You know who owns your government agents when they force a product on you! These people have corporate sponsors and they are the ones to create these crisis with propaganda and their bought and paid for government agent does their bidding and sells their product even if it causes harm. The profits are infinitely more important then lives. 

There is a movie by will smith called I am Legend. Funny how that works. The vaccine they sold people on wiped out the human race in this movie. Took the population down to 10% left alive. Perhaps that is the goal. People will go to their deaths willingly because a ruler or master orders them to die. How many will stand there and let themselves be force vaccinated with a chemical soup whose ingredients they are not allowed to know! 


In 2009, a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created as a cure for cancer, turns lethal. The virus kills 90% (5.4 billion out of 6 billion) of the world’s population, turns 9.8% (588 million) into predatory, vampiric mutants, called Darkseekers, who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight, who kill most of the remaining 0.2% (12 million) who were immune to the virus. Three years after the outbreak, US Army virologist Lt Col Robert Neville lives an isolated life in the deserted ruins of Manhattan, unsure if any other uninfected humans are left in the world.

Granted The above movie is from Hollywood and not real but is it? It does seem that a movie comes out and suddenly it is no longer a fantasy. It becomes real life. I believe they call it predictive programming!

No one is exactly the same as another person. Not even twins are identical in their immune system. What right does another person have to compromise your immune system by filling it a vial of vaccine of unknown origin? Can you honestly say your immune system will react the same as another person or is it possible to have a bad reaction to it? Immunity isn’t gained through a vial. That is how they spread the disease, not cure it. Immunity comes from exposure and your body builds it own immunity. Once your through the illness you will never get it again. Can’t say with the liquid disease pumped into you from a vial.

You are not immune you instead become a carrier of the disease. If for instance you build a small amount of immunity it doesn’t last. you would need to have it pumped into you at intervals of a yearly vaccine or every 2 years. Gee I wonder how much money they vaccine manufacturers make creating that false immunity? What a scam. They create a customer that has to keep coming back. Year after year. The preservatives and mercury in each does build up over time and destroy what little immunity you have left not to mention how destructive it is to the brain.

How about tainted vials of liquid filled with something that kills or maims a person? could that happen? could that be injected into you? That actually happens A LOT! Autism is vaccine related illness. Parents gave it to their children by allowing a doctor to fill their blood stream with mercury and lead and whatever else a ”doctor” wishes to fill their body with.  over and over and over. i believe it is well over 50 vials of mercury they receive now. They receive an overload of toxins that literally destroys the brain. 

Vaccines are random in their target of victims. The randomness comes from people who are different. People whose body isn’t the same and they will not react well to a toxic chemical filling their body and their brain. They quite literally could become the Darkseekers from that movie. No one knows or perhaps they do? Perhaps that is the goal. 

It has long been the goal of those in power to exterminate all life. To reduce the human population down to 500 million. Perhaps force vaccines will make their dreams come true! Depopulation they call it when they kill off tens of thousands of animals. I am certain the same word will apply to the human herd as well!

The human race is considered nothing more then livestock so yeah. Herd Immunity being force on them. It should outrage people but I am sorry to say it won’t! Most likely they will line right up with their sleeve held out of the way.  Even if the vaccine contained a chemical cocktail that could give you a disease that was created in a lab. Yes. People will line up for it.

Blind trust. Blind belief. Even when their lives are threatened by their ruling master. You can’t call it freedom when your forced at the point of a gun to do something that threatens your life and that of your children. 

Just a side note. Brooklyn NY has 2.649 million people in it. 300 of which have the measles. That is such a small number of people to be ill opposed to those whose lives truly are at stake with a forced vial of fluid pumped into the veins. How many people will die due to a reaction to it? How many will never be the same again? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Those in power are starting with a set number of zip codes but how long before it is the whole city? The whole state? or the whole country?

This is just the beginning for the forced vaccines. Forced medical treatments. Next will be forced organ harvesting and DNA taken by force. One thing after the other. Evil never sleeps.

Here is a Doctor who refutes forced vaccines and states the damages they cause. he is one of many. The only ones the media ”allows” to speak are the ones bought and paid for by vaccine companies or has never even read the insert showing side affects and ingredients


This lady at least shows human outage….a bit of bad language but she echo’s my outrage.  Forced vaccines is criminal. period. a death sentence. it isn’t just religious freedom. this is fundamental. Do you have the right to your own body and that of your children to decide your own health care or are you owned by someone else who has the right.

The mayor is acting like Hitler. A dictator with no concern for people , their health or their personal rights.


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2 thoughts on “Mandatory Vaccines Are Here as NYC Mayor Issues Emergency Orders For Brooklyn Residence”

  1. Trying to contain the measles outbreak is fine. It is the job of the local government to do so. But forcing every person in the city or state to forcefully get medicated is not. This is getting more Orwellian by the day!

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