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Homestead Happenings #2

misc 4-13-19 018 resized.JPG

Our lovely lady goats coming back to the barn from having a nice dinner out on the fresh green grass. They are being escorted by our big blue peacock.  not the best picture with the fence in the way.

The one in the front is named ”Baby Doe” The farthest one away with the white back is named ”Cinder Lou” and the creme colored one with the black collar is Laura.

These ladies are retired from being bred or being milked. They are just pets. The milk they once produced I used to make Goat milk soap. I still make soap but not with these girl’s milk.


the picture above is a cake of my soap i make. or brick of soap. whichever term works best. i can get 20 bars of soap from this mold. my husband made the mold for me. he is very talented with things like this. my soap is made from goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, and lavender essential oils.

below is a unexpected visitor that about stopped my heart!

Black snake 7-26 125.JPG

found this in my coop and one of the nesting boxes for our turkeys. Those are turkey eggs it is devouring.  he / or she…..had already consumed two of the eggs. I didn’t argue with it. It ate about 3 more eggs and went to wherever it goes when it isn’t eating turkey eggs. It is called a black rat snake. They are excellent to have around for the mice and chasing off other snakes.  We figured as long as he left us A FEW EGGS that we can incubate he can have the rest as payment for thinning out the mouse population that always plagues most farms and barns.

baby turtle 4-17-17 032 resized.JPG

you never know what you will find on the homestead. This little turtle was in my orchard hissing at my dogs. He could have ended up a snack for them but they are good dogs and left it alone. They did however point it out to us. A tiny little snapping turtle! I have never seen one newly hatched which i think this one was.  We relocated him to the shore of our pond near by.

work on the new greenhouse is coming along. I will take some more pictures of it when we get a bit further along with it. it is nice to see the orchard again without pieces of greenhouse strewn about.

misc pics 4-7-19 097 resized.JPG


The pear tree, peach tree and nectarine trees are in bloom. the honeybee’s are very happy. lots of new pollen for them. The other pear tree just started to bloom and the cherry trees.  It is so beautiful this time of year!  I hope the fruit matches the blooms. If so we will have lots of fruit this year.  we take an approach that 1/2 is ours and 1/2 is for the wild life and the bees. Bee’s do love to eat pears when they are over ripe.

That is about it for the old homestead so far this spring.

2 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings #2”

  1. A paradise. I love a little tuff guy like that Snapper, who just can’t find it in his nature to keep his yap shut, even when nose-to-nose with a couple of big dogs.
    Good on you guys, knowing that a black snake’s mouth shouldn’t be muzzled when it’s ‘treading the grounds’ educating rodents, but I must say, Gungha Dinnh, you’re a better person than me; I wouldn’t have been as generous with just how many eggs are a fair bargain.
    Love the blossoming blooms, almost as much as the bees. I’m enjoying our new buds and blossoms here as well.
    Spring is a great draw for us people, everywhere. The possibilities for epiphanies are Huge!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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