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Fake Meat Revolution Is Here!

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Few things in life are as simple – or as pleasurable to eat – as a burger.
That first bite, the rich, meaty and slightly charred flavours, mixed with smooth, salty cheese, the sharpness of onion and the tang of veg and sauce.
If this sounds vaguely obsessive, it’s because I’ve not eaten one since going vegetarian four years ago. Do I miss them? Clearly.
Five Guys, Shake Shack, Byron, The Handmade Burger Co – I once enjoyed them all.
My personal go-to was the McDonald’s classic Double Cheese Burger – it just hit the spot, quite perfectly.
I’ve no regrets about quitting meat. I was put off by stories of horse meat in beef products and organic chicken that was anything but. Then there were reports of the vast quantities of antibiotics used on animals reared by the meat, poultry and fish industries – a major contributor to the global threat of drug-resistant bacterial infections.
However, I found bean burgers a bit of a letdown. They promise much but often seem to be either so dry that they suck the moisture from your mouth, or dissolve into a baby-food-like mush as you eat them.
And don’t even get me started on restaurants that try to pass off a Portobello mushroom sandwiched in a bap as a burger.
Of course, there are meat-substitutes made from soya, wheat or Quorn, a substance derived from an edible fungus, of which I’ve never been a fan. They are generally flavourless, and more akin to eating Play-Doh or rubber than meat.
There’s also something inherently disappointing about one food pretending to be another. Badly.
But now the alt-meat burger is undergoing something of a reinvention…
Every single thing a person can buy in the store that is passed off as ”food” is fake… period end of story…..that is a FACT……so why not beef as well. I image the packages of meat in the store are not from cows ( No one knows where they came from or what the source was ) or are from old diseased animals. It certainly isn’t ”beef” as we know it.
The processed foods are all imitation. Pretend food of zero nutritional quality. It is loaded with msg’s, corn syrup and sugars, artificial flavors and preservatives but nothing that will help your body to repair grow or produce energy, nothing. It is designed to fake your taste buds.
The fruits and vegetables are imitation as well. They are genetically modified and taste NOTHING like the real thing.  The milk in the stores is watered down with the creme completely removed but don’t worry because they added synthetic vitamins and sugars to it to mask the fact it has no taste and no nutrition. It does have a fake vitamin D added! 
Quite literally….everything that is sold in the store is a fake. it is imitation. The chicken is a fake. It is genetically modified to produce huge breasts, legs and wings. Artificially grown huge so they can sell more for less. That ”more” has again no quality to it. it has quantity but zero quality. the original taste is destroyed. The original vitamins and minerals gone. Empty calories that make a person fat while not supporting the needs of the body. 
That is the world food supply. If you grow anything yourself you will know the truth of it!!….The sweetest of fresh peas, the crunchiness of broccoli fresh cut. The sweetness of a juicy peach off the tree and the creamery butter made from real creme. These are natural foods. What is sold in the store as natural or ”real” ISN’T REAL. it is synthetic and people are sold a lie! A lie that sickens and kills millions.  Shortens the life and destroy the brain and its capacity. Weakening people
They don’t even sell real soap! The soap in the store is basically a floor cleaner. Chemicals formed into a bar with some sort of artificial scent added that dries out your skin, puts scum in your tub and the chemicals leak into your body through the pours in the your skin and toxify the body and blood stream. It is cheap! But it isn’t real. It is an imitation. 
Now they will take away the synthetic gmo hormone produced meat and sell you one even MORE ARTIFICIAL. One grown in a lab with God only knows what source of material. But don’t worry, it looks like meat….tastes like meat….so it must be REAL right??!!! Good luck with that! See how bad your body deteriorates with that.
Garbage in…..Garbage out! 
HERE is another link below for the fake food that is being sold for human consumption .
That is fake. Fake rice. fake peas. Toxic fish grown with lead and mercury in the water.  You wonder why your sick? fatigued? weak? or depressed? A lot of emotional issues stem from lack of food. Lack of nutrition that supports brain and body health. your body is starving to death while full of garbage that is plastic. synthetic. fake. imitation. you cannot fool your body! it knows the difference between real and not real.  I would bet that every emotion distress, every cancer, every illness, every diabetes sickness has a root in the food that people consume with the intent to fill your aching stomach. it aches again not long after consumption of that imitation food. your still hungry…because you give your body what it NEEDS. it give it poison and try to trick it into believing it is fuel for the cells. Your body rejects it and creates fat cells and cancer cells to put it into while still asking you for more! it needs real good and it never gets it!  your emotional health starts to suffer. your mind comes apart at the seams as well as the muscle mass and healthy cells are replaced with blogs of fat. all a result of lack of food! 
food food everywhere but none of it is fit to eat! 

Below is a list of foods from China we should shun:

  1. Fish: China’s rivers and lakes are heavily polluted. More than half of the tilapia and cod that are sold in the U.S. were grown on a Chinese fish farm, and it’s not uncommon to find heavy metals like lead or mercury in those fish.
  2. Rice: A lot of the rice sold in North America comes from China. But China has been exporting “plastic rice” that is little more than a mix of resin and potato.
  3. Garlic: A third of the garlic sold in the U.S. originate from China, which has been found to be laced with methyl bromide and other pesticides.
  4. Apple juice: Chinese apple juice was singled out by the Alternative Dailyfor several reasons: (1) The U.S. government had restricted the import of apples from China for a time, which indicates major problems; (2) A few years ago, U.S. health officials discovered that apple juice imported from China contained antifreeze; (3) Chinese soil is laced with toxins.
  5. Green peas: Counterfeit green peas from China have been found which are made using sodium metabisulfite, soy, a green dye, and small amounts of real green peas.
  6. Mushrooms: Chinese mushrooms have prompted safety concerns around the world because formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide are added to make the mushrooms appear fresher. Read labels carefully: as much as a third of the processed mushrooms that are consumed in America originate in China.

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