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Are You Digging Your Grave With Your Fork?


The average funeral, including the casket, vault, burial plot, tombstone, ceremony, chapel, minister or rabbi, limousine and other extemporaneous costs can easily run $12,000 to $15,000, but how much did the poisonous food cost that got you there?

Most Americans severely underestimate the insidious power of today’s food toxins to break down their bodies and send them to an early, devastatingly expensive grave. People act like there’s no solution to preventable diseases while gorging on sweets, fried foods, fast food, soda and microwave meals. Then they expect doctors to “extend” their lives and extinguish the pain and suffering that comes with making all the wrong consumption choices for decades. These same people simply wonder, “What went wrong?”

So go ahead, grab your fork, head out to the woods, and start digging a six-foot hole, because that’s what you’re doing today and every day that you ignore the most popular food toxins in American food. Go about your haphazard lifestyle of eating “whatever” and expecting MDs and oncologists to spare you the agony later, and see where it gets you.

An inside look at GMOs and pesticides

Ever wonder why so many of today’s seniors can’t even enjoy their retirement and all their savings because they suffer from arthritis, brittle bones and dementia? Pesticides are all over today’s conventional food, on the outside and on the inside. Scientists in laboratories are working hard for Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow, Cargill and Syngenta to infuse toxic genes in produce that kill insects, animals and humans. Yes, they know.

What kills the weeds, worms and beetles kills the bees, rabbits, lab mice and humans too. Cancer-causing weed killersthat contain glyphosate, like Roundup, are sprayed on those “multi-grains” and that conventional “fiber” your MD said you need more of for your “diet.”

Did your grandma, grandpa, mom or dad get diagnosed with liver damage, kidney disease or kidney failure?

Yes, humans are animals, just like the lab rats tested. We have mostly the same DNA and we’re affected in most of the same ways by consuming toxins. There is no doubt about that. There are mountains of scientific evidence and research for proof.

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